Thursday 20 September 2012

Eternal SUNSHINE for the Spotless MIND!

I know what you're thinking - and yes, I have seen the film "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind" and, after reading the synopsis on IMDB in order to jog my memory of it, it seems that the only similarity between my life and that of the characters is that I had forgotten the plot of the film. (Like they forget stuff too!?!?!? ****CuLtUrAl ReFeReNcE!****)The reason that this particular informative blog contribution is entitled "Eternal SUNSHINE for the Spotless MIND!" is because it was the only phrase I could think of that included sunshine ;-)

Yahoo has predicted the following weather experience for Graz (where my training week is) and Amstetten (my "Final Destination") [<<<<<< ***AnOtHeR cUlTuRaL rEfErEnCe!!!!!****]:
"Yahoo" indeed! Time to put the woolly jumpers back into the loft and whip out my sexy tankini! Hellooooooo boiz :-P

Also my extensive research has unearthed yet more treasures. Amstetten has it's own indoor heated swimming pool - but this is no ordinary indoor heated swimming pool: IT'S A NATURE POOL!! 
A nature pool is very different from a naturist pool. The company which installed it's air conditioning, Menerga, describes it thus: 
"The planting vegetation of the property has been adopted into the swimming pool hall, thus intensifying the expression of a nature pool idea. The existing nature could be maximised to a real nature experience through the transparent composition. A glass facade leaves the impression to bathe under the sky."
It looks really cool, here's a photo of the pool and also a photo of how I expect I shall be relaxing after soothing dip:
Nature pool, Amstetten  The pool
 Moi in a sultry towelling robe

I have also edited and photo-shopped a passport photo to attach to all my forms. I blended out my wrinkles!! Who needs foundation when you are a technology pro!?
Please don't leave a barrage of negative comments on my hairline, it affects my self-esteem.

After 5 days of recieving continual abuse in Manchester (I quote: "Sarah this room stank when you lived in it" "Well you did live in squalor" "look, Lauren brought a floor lamp. What did you contribute to the house? NOTHING" "Nothing but a stinky room" "Looking at the pale skin on your arms is like staring at a sack of bones. It's revolting." etcetcetc ad infinitum *crying* *facepalm!!!!*) I am now back at home and starting some Serious Packing. 

Q: What's backwards in packing?
A: PaNIcking? 

do you get it? I'm panicking when I'm packing, then I'm back-tracking, then I'm whacking (myself on the head and crying).

I leave on Monday though so it will all have to have come together by then - and being a confident, independent and articulate young woman, I just know it will be!

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