Wednesday 17 December 2014

Christmas shopping in Seville: Mucho Más Ke Market

Mucho Más Ke Market, Sevilla
Christmas shopping while you're abroad can be a biiiiit stressful, especially when you're like me and you find picking an ice cream flavour a terrible ordeal, meaning that picking gifts for other people is an experience more harrowing than the Hunger Games. Additionally is the major problem that everything you buy has to fit in your luggage to go home, which is particularly concerning seeing as when I came out to Seville my luggage was already 3kg over. My good friend here the other day was like, "I don't understand how you were over the limit!" This was probably in reference to the fact I wear the same clothes every. single. day. I really  blame the huge amount of moisturiser I have to lug around with me. 

However, Seville actually has a wealth of wonderful shopping opportunities, and I decided I may as well try to enjoy the shopping experience. So yoday i went waddling over to the other side of town to visit the "Mucho Más K Market" market, which opened in Seville today. Its meant to be an alternative to the average Christmas market. Seville is a pretty traditional place, but there is also a bit of a bohemian vibe here and there and there are a lot of young artists and craftspeople around and about.

The market hall is full of scaffolding so you feel like you're in the middle of a get-in at a theatre. The scaffolding is full of plants, which makes you feel like you're in the last section of IKEA where they sell bamboo and vases. Overall its a very pleasing effect. Its not a massive place but there's a small bunch of stalls selling your average alternative crafts, like quirky silver jewellery and indie illustrations printed onto every day items. Some things are slightly overpriced but I did buy a couple of things which MUST REMAIN SECRET as they may or may not be Christmas Presents!!!

My colleague told me about the market. If she hadn't, I don't think I ever would have found it. Its not signposted and its almost impossible to find (mainly because its in Seville, and everything in Seville I'd impossible to find!) If you want to go then I suggest you head to the indoor market on Calle  Feria. If you're coming from the mushroom, turn right just before that market. You'll end up on called arrayàn and the market is on the right.


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