Monday 7 October 2013

Highlights of Cuba!

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When I first left Cuba, my main emotion was relief and excitement that there was such a wide availability of soft drinks and WiFi. Looking back, it's hard to believe that my time in Cuba was actually real and not a seriously long daydream induced after watching too many episodes of The Prisoner.

The whole experience was quite challenging and emotionally DRAINING. To begin with, all I could remember was the bad stuff, which is why sometimes when people asked me if it was amazing, I looked at them like they were crazy. This was probably partly to do with the fact my last few days in Havana were a bit awkward. However, a couple of weeks at home and I've started to forget the bad stuff and only remember the good stuff! And it is nice to be at home, but its the same as it always has been, and when you're abroad everything's always new and different. Sometimes that's a pain, sometimes it's incredible.

Here are my TOP CUBAN HIGHLIGHTS <3 aka What to do in Cuba on Your Year Abroad, What not to miss in Cuba, what's great etcetc

  1. Visiting Plaza de la Revolucion on May 1st, joining in the big ass parade down past all the VIPs and Raul Castro himself

  2. Travelling in a pimped up 1950s car through Cuba's impressive motorways and seeing the incredibly beautiful country side. The best of this is in gorgeous, gorgeous Vinales.
    Valle de Vinales
  3. Eating in Baracoa and spending time with the wonderful Bajan Roomate.
  4. Rowing through a lake in Cienfuegos and being surrounded by a sea of flamingos
  5. Haggling for taxis and souvenirs and being a boss
  6. Living in Havana with its beautiful, carefully restored architecture
    Havana architecture
  7. Chilling on the beach on the Caribbean sea. BEAUTIFUL! Beaches in Havana, Bay of Pigs, Trinidad and Baracoa. 
  8. Sinking mojitos and NOT salsa-dancing at Cuba's hippest clubs
  9. Getting an actual, visible tan!
  10. Weekending in Trinidad with my lovely fellow students, raving in a rave cave, eating posh food, getting drunk in the afternoon and generally just loving life 
And last but not least....

Scuba Diving in the Bay of Pigs!

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