Thursday 20 September 2012

Post script: AveeNO!

With three days to go, there is one thing which has caused me significant distress. I specifically requested the doctor give me maximum possible prescriptions, and he fobbed me off with 900ml of Aveeno. I know he can do better than that, but he's keeping all the Aveeno to himself. He's an Aveeno hoarder. But I need the Aveeno, I need it all, and he's hiding it from me because he's a big meany-pants. Remember guys: there is no photo-shopping in real life, and that is why even advanced technology pros like myself should carry out an extensive and regular moisturising routine. Just like Britney Spears and Proavtiv skin treatments, Aveeno cream's milky, porridgey scent and gloopy, translucent texture Changed My Life. So I just wish my doctor would stop saying AveeNO- and start saying AveenYES!!!

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