Sunday 22 July 2012

L O N D O N 2 0 1 2

In 43 AD the Roman settlement of Londinium was razed to the ground by leather-clad original feminist ice queen goddess Boudica. Now, almost 2000 years later, I am here to do the exact same thing, except instead of RAZING I will be RAISING Londinium from the ashes left behind by the Olympic flame!  Eee!

Things have changed a lot since 43 AD. Nowadays Londoners call the underground train the 'tube', a habit I have also taken up so that I fit in with the locals. It's worked quite well: a woman at the bus stop said hello to me this morning and we shared a long, knowing look (when you're waiting for a bus before 7am everything seems very significant. It's a very dramatic time of day.) Less successful were the Lonsdale trainers. I received numerous confused looks from strangers and several outright insults from people I know well . This hasn't jolted my confidence though - Van Gough went through the same thing. How can I tell if the Lonsdale trainers are bad or if I am simply being under-appreciated-in-my-time?

Anyway I've had two days of training and have received a pair of 3/4-length, flared, black nylon trousers and  two collectable pin badges. Success!

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