Friday 5 December 2014

Best Tapas of Seville: Bodeguita Ojiva

Recently I've been telling myself I need to eat at home to save money. It hasn't been a resounding success. Yesterday I compromises by instead of eating in a tapas bar, I had a tuna empanada from a fancy bread shop and then went home and ate a bag of chocolate coins. (They were both delicious. No regrets). And today I was wondering back to the flat planning the lunch I was going to cook and just happened to find myself inside Bodeguita Ojiva ordering their special of the day...its friday so it doesnt matter, right?
This little bodega (just off Puerta de Carmina on Calle San Estaban) has often caught my attention on my way to work, as small chalkboard outside advertises its special Guacamole Tapas. I'd never ventured inside though, partly because I never meet my friends this side of town, and also because I wasn't sure whether to trust a place that has had the same "special guacamole" on offer for the entirety of my time in Seville.
In the end I was pretty impressed. Its a tiny bar, with cute chairs outside that just manage to get a dapple of sun despite being in one of Santa Cruz's narrow pedestrian allies. My seat looked onto busy San Estaban, but the hubbub of traffic and families walking home from school made me feel pretty cosmopolitan. When I ordered, the friendly waitress asked, "you want a beer with that, right?". And I replied, "yes. Yes I do."
What to eat: the hot tapas are different every day, apparently. Today there were three choices. I went for the Carrillada con puree de papas. I was expecting pork cheek but it tasted more like lamb, served with pureed potatoes. The meat was in a deliciously gravy with onions and, surprisingly, raisins. This gave it a Morrocan kind of feel. It was was really, really good.

Not so great: they do a choice of breads with different toppings and sandwiches. I obviously had to get the guacamole. It was very smooth, served in toast with chopped tomato and onion. Yeah, it was all right, but not worth going out of your way for. Next time I'll try something more unusual topping, like salmon orange and nuts.
I didn't save any money. The menu is £2.50 and up, but it was tasty food and stylishly presented.

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