Saturday 29 June 2013

Mexi-GO! !

IMPORTANT UPDATE: after five months, I have  now left my home in Havana. I am now ON THE MOVE through Mexico! Mexico is incredibly different from Cuba. It has things like McDonald and Starbucks and free wifi! ! I know all my fans are desperate to be constantly updated about everything I do. Because IM ON THE MOVE, im going to make my posts snappy and quick and to the point. Dynamic, you know, to appeal to the youth  audience.

after a day at the beach soaking up those saucy Mexican rays its started to rain! ! This won't get me down, because i'm on holiday. Its been four days since I left Havana and the culture shock has started to calm down.

When you're in hostels its important to make friends but, as always, THAT IS EASIER SAID DONE. I've discovered casually saying 'yahhh ive been living in Cuba for like five months and it was just such a like profound experience' is a great ice breaker and helps me make friends. Or it would, if I could overcome CRIPPLING SHYNESS! ! All the other bckpackers are very intimidating. They judge me because I have two tiny backpacks instead of one giant one which is big enough to smuggle two small Mexicans home in if needed. Also, unlike them, I dont have any new rave tribal tattoos :S :S to put icing on the cake, all my new friends keep telling me how much they love scuba diving and I have to try really hard not to vomit all over their shoes in disgust.

Tomorrow im leaving the Caribbean coast (booo) and heading INLAND! EXPECT more SAUCY UPDATES SOON X X X

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