Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sarah and Benz GOING GLOBAL! Fuse FM Radio Show

Regular fans will be more than excited to hear that, on the basis of our continued popularity, Bajan Housemate and I have launched our very own radio show! The show is called "Sarah and Benz: Going Global!" and I made a logo for it on my favourite editing software, Microsoft Paint:

I know, I know, it's brilliant. The premise that each week we choose a different part of the world, and take the listeners on an aural adventure to that destination. The show is on at 1pm ever Monday on Manchester's student radio station, Fuse FM at

You have to send an application off to get a show, which we did just after exams. We planned to start with an introduction show where we played music from Wolverhampton and Barbados (our homelands!), but things didn't quite go to plan. Due to some kind of organisational malfunction that may or may not have anything to do with the fact that we weren't members of the radio society when we applied (....) we were given VERY short notice of our first show... about an hour and a half's notice to be precise! And we had no music, no preparation and really (and I'm not being excessive here) no comprehension of the technical processes required to broadcast. One thing led to another, and we ended up in a rather unexpected situation where the system would suddenly start playing completely random songs and - once they'd started - we had literally no way of stopping them! Imagine our consternation when Mercedes cheerfully told our large audience "now we're going to play some Bob Marley!" and when we clicked 'play', what actually came out was Beethoven. Imagine our confusion when we couldn't make Beethoven stop! Imagine our further exasperation when we inadvertently caused an 8 minute Lana del Rey remix to play. And couldn't stop it! madness.

Anyway we had another show this week and, believe you me, it was much much more successful and we think we had almost 3 listeners! We whole-heartedly recommend you start tuning in now because when we become global superstars just contemplate the kudos you have from becoming fans early doors!!

Our next show is based around Australia and Oceania!

If anyone wants to make us a snappy jingle, leave a comment below :)

Sarah and Benz GOING GLOBAL is on Fuse FM every Monday at 1pm>>> click here

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