Friday, 8 February 2013


FIRSTLY: I SINCERELY APPOLOGISE that my cover photo still thinks I'm in Austria. In a very unexpected turn of events I actually managed to catch my flight (shocking, I know) so I am now in CUBAAAAA.

Currently sipping an ICE COLD (<<<<VERY IMPORTANT IN THIS HEAT) 'limonada' (very fancy lemonade) in the shade of a very flashy hotel in Old Havana, which has provided me with 1 hour's WiFi for the pricely sum of $8CUC (Cuban dollars, which equal American dollars). We traveled here from our accommodation in one of the classic American cars that are in all the photos, with a nice, plastic seating which stuck to my sweaty thighs. It's very, very warm here, and it's also midday!

I arrived yesterday on the plane, the flight was ten hours long so was a bit dull, but I used the time watching films and trying not to get deep vain thrombosis. It gave me a great chance to catch up with American History (IRONIC COS IM IN CUBA!! LOL) by watching 'Lincoln', I also enjoyed an episode of Modern Family, Glee and the film 'Fight Club' which was very disturbing but actually okay in the end. The plane was SO BIG! I tried to act cool and pretend I went 'long-haul' all the time, but the flight attendant spotted me a mile off and it was no good. He had to tell me how to eat my plane food (it was super confusing).

Getting into Cuba was a lot easier than anyone had made it sound, though I had to wait in a very long queue to get through Immigration Control in the end it was no bother and they didn't even weigh my luggage, even though I'd spent ages worrying about the weight limit! Then I met the boy, called Roberto, that my landlady had sent to pick me up. Unfortunately, my First Interaction With A Cuban did not go so well as I had hoped. My landlady (Lisbet) had described Roberto as blonde and "very good-looking hahaha". SHE WAS NOT WRONG! Tanned and HUNKY! Unfortunately I am finding it really challenging to switch to Spanish after spending so long speaking German, so I kept saying German words to him and he was a bit confused.

I'm living in a little apartment, separate from my landlady's house, with a kitchen/dining room on the bottom floor and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. It's small, but clean, and food is provided by a very friendly lady who cooks for the whole family. All the houses are these beautiful colonial masterpieces, that are now  bit rundown and cracked. There are LOADS of trees though! The bathroom is right off the bedroom and separated from it by a very thin door, which my roommate described as unable "to shut the world out".

This morning we went to the university for a meeting, the GREAT NEWS is that we don't have to do anything until Tuesday and they told us to relax and enjoy ourselves. The BAD NEWS is that on Tuesday I have to take an Exam to determine my level of Spanish. I'm quite nervous they might just declare me a lost cause and send me packing, but hopefully by then I'll have accustomed a bit and forgotten German.

Everything is very new at the moment so I'm trying to settle in and get over my jet lag and not faint from heat exhaustion, but overall I think there couldn't be a more different place from Amstetten. Its constantly bustling, there's people everywhere all the time, and it's about 40 degrees warmer than Amstetten, and I have literally no responsibilities. So overall I'm safe and I arrived and the internet is a bit complicated to find but it does work!!

 I'm sorry if this was boring but I'm a bit jet-lagged and spaced out so forming sentences in any language is proving difficult, however it's not all bad, I have about 20 minutes left of internet then I think I'll go to the pool and sunbathe. Maybe I'll have a mojito. YES, MUM, I'm wearing sun tan lotion.

Cya xxx

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