Thursday 27 December 2012

Not A-dele, MY DELL!! hehe

Dear All,
A great misfortune has begot me. An unforeseen demon has slithered it's slimy body into the hardrive my computer and shat on it. Now my laptop doesn't work!!!!!!!!!! This may distress you all the more, when I tell you that I had carefully and painfully written a really excellent blog entry about how I missed my train and had to wait for an hour and cried all the way to school, but then was dragged kicking and screaming from my depths of depression when one of the friendly teachers took me to the school's cellar (!!!!) (you'll be relieved to hear this was the school in Melk), which happens to resemble the Great Hall in Harry Potter, and the students did a very uplifting Glee-esque rendition of "Somebody to Love" followed by goulash, punch and strudel! It was an emotional, festive and award-worthy little piece, and I'm very distressed to tell you that it is now gone forever!

However, not all is lost. I was left in a very similar predicament nine short months ago, and after that I decided to 'back up' my files. In an unprecedented moment of excellent thinking, I saved all my documents onto Dopbox! Unfortunately there wasn't room for ALL of them, so I have lost all of my university work BUT (BIG BUT) I did save my priceless folder of pics I made on Microsoft Paint! In order to celebrate the fact I still have access to these images, here is a never-before-seen-picture of my friend, who is known locally as 'Ponybreath'. To the untrained eye, this is quite an incriminating photograph!!! ;-)

I am now using (but not abusing!) my parents' laptop. It's a beastly little machine with a dull, monotonous personality and none of the manic, unpredictability of my good old Dell.

But apart from this devastating loss, Christmas has been going very well and I LOVE being back home with all my homies. Another TA came and stayed for Christmas and left probably reasonably bemused and confused, I also feel quite bemused and confused, but it's my birthday on Tuesday so I'll try to keep my pecker up. And if you can't think of anything to buy me, I need a new laptop.

SAZ xox

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