Wednesday 1 August 2012

Unexpected Opportunities on Otherwise Awful Days - part 1

Despite working 15 hours a day, the immortal sunshine which I have in place of a heart has allowed me to keep my pecker up - despite several eclipses of SEVERE DISTRESS. Extra-tiredness has made me extra-emotional, so yes, I DID cry at the Olympic opening ceremony, at the several BBC Olympic adverts, at several televised Olympic events and this evening on the tube when I saw a baby.

Nevertheless! It has recently been brought to my attention that in the very near vicinity there is an extremely famous rap artist passing his time in an Olympic fashion. Now, for obvious reasons, I can't reveal his identity. But needless to say, this man has succeeded in combining my two main aims in life: a profitable music career and a ridiculous name. Ever an opportunist, I have candidly realised that here lies my chance to finally fulfil my one and only new year's resolution of 2012.....kick start my hip hop career. A certain friend (who shall also remain nameless) promised to be my manager, but if I am perfectly honest, she has not delivered, so I think I might approach Mr ****** and explain my ambitions. I obviously don't have a mix tape recorded, so I guess I'll just freestyle. Or I might do a cover of Eminem, or Kanye, or someone else legitimate.

peace out bros xxxxxxx

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