Saturday 17 January 2015

New year new me (Seville.2)

Hello friends, fans and acquaintances!!!
I am writing this whilst on the plane to Seville!

Last year I flew with Monarch but today things have taken a turn for the worse and we are flying with Ryan Air. The Ryan Air experience seems to mainly involve the air stewards walking up and down the aisle trying to sell you raffle tickets and hot dogs and automated messages from Ryan Air telling us about the hot dogs and raffle tickets. I asked one for a napkin 50 minutes ago and she said she'd be right back but I guess she was inundated with requests for raffle tickets and hasn't found the time? I'll keep you updated.

You're only meant to bring 10kg of hand luggage on Ryan Air flights. I have 15 but nobody's weighed me so they have no idea! When I was boarding the plane I acted like my bag was very light so they wouldn't be suspicious, which was a real challenge. Thankfully I actually have an A Level in Theatre so at least I was qualified for the situation.

So I'm going to Seville for another work experience programme, this time with DSC Regen which is based in London. We've been doing Spanish lessons and training this week and we had to stay in London. Walking through London with all my luggage was a harrowing experience, not only because of the weight if it all, but because people kept getting up in my grill. I ran over two people's feet and one dog. People in London have a dead zombified look about them on the commute, even if you try to catch their eye and smile they just have none of it. I do like the tube though, especially the bit where you get to stand in line and beep your card, it makes me feel like I'm living in the future!!!

I'm travelling with a big group of people from all over the place. The programme is themed "Community Development" so we're all going to be working in organisations that are trying to save the world and stuff. I'm going to be saving the world by teaching Spanish children about the environment and conservation. There are a LOT of vegetarians in the group. For lunch I bought myself a mango and slaw noodle salad to try and fit in. It was disappointing. I feel this is going to be my fate for the next three months. New year, new me! Sarah version 2015!! Though, I think I'd find it hard to be totally veggie in Seville as the Spanish people have so many wonderful ways of preparing pig!

Here are things I'm excited to do in Seville:

(Finally) visiting the cathedral and the Giralda
Eating ice cream
Eating at.... La Azotea, La Brunilda, Cristina&Co, and lots of wonderful new places.
Seeing more flamenco
Meeting up with friends
Going to the modern art museum
Enjoying the weather as it gets warmer
Exploring new parts of the city
Not be robbed (TOUCH WOOD!!!)

Its a bit sad going back as most of my amazing friends that I had before won't be there. I liked them all because they never judged me for how much I ate, peed and listened to chart pop music. What if my new friends aren't as understanding?! What if they peer pressure me into listening to alternative music or cycling?! Its a scary situation but only time will tell.

Saludos for now, amigos.

Update: An air steward has just offered to sell me a raffle ticket again.

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