Thursday, 6 March 2014

Submissions for a translation Zine

I'm looking for submissions for a new translation-based Zine.
Brief: a translation of a text of up to approx. 200 words from any language into English. We are looking for texts in other languages that are exceptional - that you find particularly enticing, interesting, funny, meaningful or beautiful. It can be just one word, a whole poem, song, an extract from a novel/speech/play.
We then ask you to submit your own translation/interpretation of this text (into English). We encourage freedom in the translation, whether you think a word-for-word translation submitted through Google translate is how you want to present it, or whether you want to do a very free and loose translation to end up with your final product.
Our aim is to make a Zine which is interesting for people who speak English but will have a different reading experience for different people who may speak more than one language.
Deadline for submissions: Monday 10th March
Deadline for final translations: Wednesday 12th March (Friday 14th at the very latest)

If you would like to submit a translation for Zine, fill in this info and email it to

Your name:
Title of original text and brief summary:
Any info you'd like you give about your proposed translation:

And we'll get back to you quickly!



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